2. artemisdreaming:


    Contrasting Sounds,  1924

    Wassily Kandinsky

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    synaesthesia —

  3. Mental Graffiti & Lethal Poetry Grudge Match on Flickr.

    Mojdeh Stoakley, Coach, Lethal Poetry, Chicago National Poetry Slam team.

  4. RoseWindows 094 on Flickr.

    from 2007. something of the beauty and chaos-horror of destruction [ rose windows ]


  5. The Saint of Luxury [ by ] Julia Haw // read Adam Grossi’s interview of Julia viz. her exhibition, The Western Veil, in downtown Chicago

  7. fire starter by sminzy on Flickr.

  10. when royskopp & robyn find the glitch look ~

    (Source: youtube.com)


  11. [ encouragement ] for the working poor artist

    [ encouragement ] for the working poor artist

    Always-never thinking has its own traps. We can not measure the good we do in the ounces or pounds of miracles we enable, because those results and their import cannot be known to us. There’s a little trick of faith in accepting you are here because the universe asked you to be here. The universe set a place for you at this table. What you sow and reap with your hands, well, who are we to know…

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  13. xrobotcafe:

    Victor E Navarro, Jr., the “Madman Laureate of Pittsburgh’s Little Italy,” the Mayor of Bloomfield, the Peanut Head, the Soul of the Mocha, the Eternal Pain in My Ass, rest in peace. 1947-2014


  14. Aired 6/30/14, this episode of Poet at the End of the World features Mojdeh Stoakley, Greg Curry, Jessica Fenlon and Andy Karol.

    Hosted by Rob Hendler, Music by Rob Hendler.

  15. image by Vader 68 on Flickr.